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Selecting the options offered by the user’s browser
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Refusal of cookies
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As the case may be, we shall not be held liable under any circumstances for the consequences of a deteriorated performance of our services resulting from the relevant necessary cookies being refused or deleted and our subsequent incapacity to save and consult them. 

How to select an option on the browser software
Cookie managing and selecting varies from one browser to the other. Possibilities are indicated in the browser Help menu which will guide the user to express and modify cookie options.

Computer sharing with third parties
When a terminal computer is used by several people, or when a terminal computer holds multiple browser software applications , we cannot ensure beyond doubts that services and adverts sent to a given terminal drive are relevant to our website user’s own use of the device and not to somebody else’s use of that same terminal.

As the case may be, terminal drive sharing and browser setting of cookie management are the user’s own responsibility.

Cookies sent to our website by third parties
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We might include in our website/application, computer applications sent by third parties that allow users to share some of our website contents with other people and possibly let those people know about their visit or opinion related to specific pages on our website/application. To that effect, one can press the “Share” or “Lke” keys sending to social networks, such as “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Linkedin”, “Viadeo” and others.

Users may be identified through the application keys provided by social networks, even though they do not use them when visiting our website, the keys allow the corresponding networks to follow website browsing as from the account activation on the terminal (session window open) until logging off from the website.

We do not have any type of control over social networks process to collect information on your browsing nor over the relationship with our website users’ personal data they have in store. We therefore recommend users to consult the Privacy and Personal Data Policy of such networks so as to be aware of possible usage of their browsing information, in advertising particularly, merely through the presence of the application keys . Such Privacy Policies should allow the users to exercise their right of choice and, notably, to make the appropriate settings for their accounts on each one of the social networks.


Cookies are data fragments that, subject to the website user’s consent , can be stored by the browser software on the terminal drive in a dedicated space, while the user is browsing online. A cookie dedicated file allows the sender to identify the terminal where a specific cookie has been stored, during its validity time or storage time.

“Browser information” “Browser”
Browser information refers to data related to the logging in of a terminal to a given communication service at a given time. We may process browser data as indicated below even though we do not know what terminal is being used nor who is using it at that moment in time. Those data include in particular:

  • IP (Internet Protocol) address of the internet connected terminal.
  • The date and time of connection to an internet communication service.
  • The URL address of the referer page on the terminal having access to a communication service?
  • The type of Operating System used by the terminal (Windows; MacOs, Linux, Unix, BeOS etc. ).
  • The browser type and version used by any terminal (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.
  • The browser language used by the terminal.
  • Identifier and content of cookies that we stored on the computer concerned.

“Personal Data”
In the present context , Personal Data refer to data related to the user personally, and that user only, at a given point in time, irrespective of the computer being used.

A terminal refers to hardware equipment (computer, tablet , lap top, mobiles cell phones etc…) that can be used to consult or view a website, an application, an advertising page etc…