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A quick response and an accurate analysis are typical of our uniqueness facing a new assignment file. In addition we offer tailor made services in order to keep in tune with our clients through the whole process.

Quick response, Customisation, Analysis

We have been practicing the direct approach recruiting method for more than twenty years. The human size of the agency allows for immediate response and fine tuned customisation for each and every file submitted to us.
An accurate targeting and a close analysis of our clients’ needs are the pillars of our efficiency in meeting our clients’ expectations.

As proactive consultants , we take into account two main types of information ; on the one hand we consider the human environment of the position to be filled , the company’s culture and values , and, on the other hand we consider the economic analysis of the company in relationship with its development. Which means that international developments, restructuring, managerial changes… are taken into account.

A very accurate search targeting

Confidentiality of information and sensitive data is a pre-requisite in all our search assignments. Furthermore, we value the client’s image as much as we are respectful of the candidates.

We carry out our missions up to the very end of the hiring process, and give advice to the parties for their contract final details. We give them our support until the signing up of the contract, and we keep on giving our help to the candidates during their integration period.

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