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According to the French law “Loi informatique et libertés” (computing and freedom) of January 6, 1978, each person for whom identifiable data are published on the website has a right to access, modify, edit, and delete these data.

You can exercise the right to access these data by communicating with the MINDFIELD SEARCH & CONSULTING IT department:
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Limitation of liability clause

MINDFIELD SEARCH & CONSULTING’s objective is to communicate accurate and updated information. MINDFIELD SEARCH & CONSULTING will work to correct as soon as possible potential errors or erroneous information that is brought to its attention.

However, MINDFIELD SEARCH & CONSULTING cannot be held responsible for the content of this site.

The information in this site:

  • is general in nature only and do not refer to the specific situation of a person or entity;
  • is not necessarily complete, exhaustive or updated in real-time;
  • may refer to outside sites on which MINDFIELD SEARCH & CONSULTING has no control or for which we do not accept any type of liability;
  • do not constitute advice or recommendation of a professional or legal nature, for which it is necessary to consult with a qualified professional.

In case of communication of normative text or documents on the MINDFIELD SEARCH & CONSULTING site, only the official publications will prevail.
MINDFIELD SEARCH & CONSULTING cannot guarantee that there will not be any interruption of its site caused by its use or by the use of any other site it refers to.

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The documents, information and graphics of any nature on the MINDFIELD SEARCH & CONSULTING site may not be copied except for private use.
Also, the documents, information and graphics on this site may not be modified, with or without payment, without the express written consent of MINDFIELD SEARCH & CONSULTING.

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“Browsing information”, “browsing”

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“Personal data”

In this Policy, this term refers to the data that concerns you at a given time, regardless of the terminal you are using.


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