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Interview with Gauthier Deprez, Mindfield Search & Consulting new consultant.

Gauthier Deprez comes from the FMCG world, he has an outstanding entrepreneurial experience, from the employee’s side and from the managing perspective as well.

Mindfield will benefit from both his entrepreneurial skill – he created his own textile company – and his understanding of the distribution networks.

This is your first experience as a Recruitment Consultant ; say a few words about your professional record ?

Gauthier Déprez : I began to work in 1992 after graduating from EDHEC business school. I joined what was called then a mail order company ( VPC). If one wanted to become familiar with Asian buying and purchasing riddles, it was undoubtedly the best path totake at the time. Then I joined the Auchan group on a project for an international purchasing centre whose clients were to be the national ones.

In 2006, I became entrepreneur myself and large retailing supplier. Our teams were offering an intermediate sales channel between the costly local short term supply channel and the more competitive long term system.

A few years later, I was asked by a large group to undertake a transition management program for one of their member companies : the whole structure had to be reorganised and need a new momentum before being sold by the group. The purchasing fund asked me to stay as general manager, company representative and partner, which I did.
Early in 2019, I left on the basis that I felt like taking a new stance in my professional life; I was willing to give more sense to my activity.

How were you driven towards top level executive recruitment ?

G.D. : There were two different aspects in my job that I liked best and that I managed to develop, one was auditing: make company analyses, discover and construe their business patterns , and the other was recruitment. The various positions I held led me to hire operational teams on several occasions, and I enjoyed the human relation process it involved. I knew Mindfield already when I learned that they were looking for a consultant with some entrepreneurial background ; we had a number of exchanges of views and talks and we finally agreed !

What is the value you can add to Mindfield ?

G.D. : My basic contribution is the opening on the volume retailing world, with my skills and knowledge of that sector. In addition, I am keen to meet the clients requirements, On the basis of my entrepreneurial experience , I developed a capacity to figure out clearly a corporate project , and identify its economic and human mechanisms.
Similarly, I always aim at a clear insight of a candidate’s project so as to figure out his or her motivation and determine how it can fit into the corporate project.

What would say about current recruitment trends in volume retailing circles ?

G.D. : The younger generations can no longer be led by old management methods. Let’s take the example of the Liberated Company concept (Freedom Form Companies) : when problems arise, employees will solve them through methods that they propose to the management team, managers are no longer in command, they are facilitators. It is a new concept which we must be aware of, as it is not possible to send a management executive to a F form company if the candidate concerned has not been in that situation ever before.
Our role at Mindfield, is based on human relationship and insight, we must act as if we were the client who gave us the assignment and at the same time we must have a thorough knowledge of the candidates who applied for the job and of their capacities to adapt. The key to success for a mission is the balance we strike between the client’s needs and the candidates ‘requirements.

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