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Product of the merger of two firms, Mindfield has been in existence for over 10 years. The cofounders, Jean-François Darmagnac and Jean du Boucher, and the rest of the consulting team, have held various corporate positions before working in consulting.

We work in all the regions in France and we are very familiar with the different cultures and characteristics of their labor markets: our expertise about the talent pool in Marseille is well-known.

Because of the quality and the language skills of our research team, we are able to conduct many types of search missions including the most complex. Because of our internal processes, stressing collaboration, we are able to meet our deadlines.

Also, our missions almost always have an international dimension: whether our clients are French or the subsidiary of international groups, the positions to try to fill have an international flavor.


  • The common values that we share are the glue of our teams and the vehicle of our daily activities.

    We make sure that the team members who join our organization share the same values and these values guide us in our decisions during the recruiting assignments that we conduct for our customers.

  • Act with absolute respect of the individuals

    We are protecting the confidentiality of the information that we collect about the organization and the potential candidates. We only communicate what is necessary to the company so it make an informed decision. We do not discriminate based on origin, religion and gender and we base our evaluations on objective criteria regarding the candidates and the skills expected by the customer. We inform the candidates that we do not select of the reasons of the choice of the customer, and we provide this information as a career advice.

  • The interest of our customer is always our priority

    We always act with the interest of the customer in mind. We never take shortcuts. We serve the organization with unwavering sincerity. To be efficient, we provide consulting services by putting forth our viewpoint.

  • Creating value added with relevant hiring

    Having held management positions in the corporate world, we can differentiate between an employee who simply does the job and a talented team member. Consequently, during the entire hiring process, we analyze and measure their performance. We only recommend the candidates that we believe really offer value added for our clients.

Nos satisfactions

Our satisfactions

  • success rate of our hiring missions

  • of our clients have been our partners for over 5 years

  • of our missions have an international component



Jean-François Darmagnac

Jean-Francois Darmagnac President

Jean du Boucher

Jean du Boucher General manager, co-founder

Sandrine Jourdan

Sandrine Jourdan Associate consultant

Gérard Joulin

Gerard Joulin Senior partner

Claire Le Lem

Claire Le Lem Senior Partner

Armelle de Pontcharra

Armelle de Pontcharra Office manager

Christine Caetano

Christine Caetano Research consultant

Monia Mahrez

Monia Mahrez Research consultant

Emma Le Maoût

Emma Le Maoût Research consultant


HP - Interview of the month

HP- Mission oh the month

  • Mission of the month

    Mission du mois

    Mission of the month #9

    Leading the supply chain of a global group in more than 100 countries, distributing hundreds of millions of products each year to millions of consumers with a team of nearly 1,000 people, this is a position of great responsibility for which he had to find a real strategist, a real leader.

    Conduct an ultra-qualitative approach, do not "wake up" unnecessarily dozens of applications, properly assess the context and issues to properly assess the strengths of candidates, this is a recruitment that required a real expertise, a mastery of A to Z of the sector and the function.



Paris contact

  • Address: 226, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008 Paris
  • Tel.: +33-1-56-88-59-00

Aix-en-Provence contact

  • Address: 16, cours Sextius 13100 Aix-en-Provence
  • Tel.: +33-4-86-91-18-60

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